naturally wonderful

naturally wonderful

Our brand is built upon the true nature of our people who call Redlands Coast home. At the heart of our home is our connectedness as naturally wonderful people. We celebrate the local talent, passion and creativity of our people in our brand through a collaboration of work that brings the brand to life.

Our people have a deep appreciation of nature and while they lead successful and accomplished lives, there is a part within them that craves a connection to the water. In our calm coastline and wild waves, they are reminded of what is real and what really matters, and the true nature of a naturally wonderful life.
Help us celebrate the amazing talents of people from Redlands Coast.


Uncle Bob Anderson

Dr Robert Anderson OAM is a well respected Ngugi Elder from Mulgumpin, Moreton Island in Quandamooka Country, south-east Queensland.

Known as Uncle Bob, he is well known for striving to protect the rights of workers through the union movement, being elected as a State Organiser for 14 years.

In addition, he has a long and distinguished history of community service for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. He was a member of the Queensland Council for Advancement for Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in the 1960s and since then has received many awards, including in 2001 when he became one of the inaugural Queensland Greats, Brisbane Citizen of the Year and received the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM).

Native Title for the Quandamooka Nation was recognised on the 4th July 2011 by the High Court of Australia. Uncle Bob has represented Quandamooka peoples as a Co-Applicant, Family Representative and Elder on the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation.

He is currently a member of the Griffith University Council.

RC Microsite Images - OP-Delvene  

Delvene Cockatoo-Collins

Renowned artist Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, whose family belongs to Quandamooka Country and who designed the 2018 Commonwealth Games medals, contributed to the Redlands Coast logo design.

“As the artist selected to develop the Quandamooka branding, as part of Redlands Coast, I’m honoured to work with the team to present this identified palette and these symbols, which represent the colours, movements and landscapes of the Redlands. For the Redlands Coast branding, a collection of pigments and clays that I gathered from across Quandamooka Country formed the colour palette. The symbols depicting the unique landscapes and the movement across these are embedded in the overall branding of Redlands Coast. My own movement across the area, in gathering clays and pigments enabled the translation of this knowledge into the symbolism of this brand."

RC Microsite Images - OP-Mark

Kuya Howler

Kuya Howler is a singer and instrumentalist based on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). With a background of Philippines, Fiji & Australia, Kuya uses these places and experiences to weave the music of his journey in life. His music style is ever evolving but his current project focuses on upbeat, inspirational music with reggae and rock influences. Kuya composed and wrote the Redlands Coast soundtrack – I’m drawn to this place.

"To be invited on board a project to promote and celebrate the beauty of Redlands Coast has been an absolute honour. It meant giving back to the place that has nurtured and nourished me in more ways than one. I look forward to seeing the growth and prosperity of this community and I am humbled and grateful to be able to express my love for my home through my art."


RC Microsite Images - OP-Paul

Paul Lewin

Paul is a passionate photographer based in Cleveland for the past seven years with previous experience in marketing and management.   In 2003 Paul and his young family chose to relocate to the Redlands from the U.K. The Redlands is described by Paul as simply the perfect place to live. The combination of clean air, the bay, its islands, lifestyle, the facilities and proximity to Brisbane were the deciding factors. 

“Combining my love for photography and videography with the capturing of the Redlands has been my ideal and perfect project.”


Gabriel Kazsab

Gabriel moved to the Redlands in 1993 with his family and attended Cleveland State High School. He went on to represent the Redlands for both soccer and tennis. His first job as a teenager was at the Cleveland Sunday markets on an arts and craft stall.

Gabriel attended Bayside TAFE and has been an advocate for the area ever since. He loves the beautiful landscape, shoreline, bay and islands and the natural, peaceful inspiration it brings. 

Gabriel started working as a videographer in 2006 and started his own business Studio 78. Gabriel works closely with Paul to create beautiful destination videos.

Paul and Gabriel developed the brand story video to help showcase the naturally wonderful Redlands Coast.


RC Microsite Images - OP-AngStu  

Angie Simms and Stuart Quinn

Award-winning Stradbroke Island photographers Angie Simms and Stuart Quinn have roamed the world with their cameras in hand.

Between them they’ve backpacked overland from the United Kingdom to Australia, camped in a ger in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and in a leaky tent on the side of a cliff in Wales, gone shooting with Hells Angels and travelled platzkart class through Russia on the Trans Siberian Railway. They’ve even downed homemade corn wine and helped eat the dowry of six pigs at a wedding in the mountains of Vietnam.

They bought a cute little beach shack in Amity and settled on beautiful North Stradbroke Island to run their photography business Stradbroke Island Photography. Life is good on the Redlands Coast.

Angie and Stuart have captured the heart and soul of our local people and the beauty of our natural surrounds in their photography of Redlands Coast.

The Stars

Every person and business featured in the promotion of Redlands Coast either through video, photography, art, music and even those behind the scenes is a local. It is a showcase of the inspiring, creative and talented people among us.  We would like to thank the following locals who are full of the natural energy that help make us naturally wonderful;

Mark Abelinde

Kate Adams

Julie Ailan

Anna Bamber 

Renae Barkla

Katrina Beutel

Tony Beutel 

Michael Bishop 

Sophie Bowden 

Philip Bowman

Mat Burns 

Ian Burrow

Janneale Byatt

Richard Cahill

Sam Cartwright

Adam Chapman 

Barry Clegg

Jane Conwell 

Nicholas Creevey

Deb Crompton 

Glen Crompton

Darren Crowther

Donna Dall

Jillian Dean

Mark Dibble

Daniel Ditton

Dominique Divito  

Sarah Drysdale 

Helen Duggan

Lucy Dyball

Ethan Ewing

Michelle Felton

Daniel Fitzgerald  

Jennifer Fonti

Matthew Fonti 

Joan Fowke

Sarah Frost

Jessica Galbraith

Sheri Gompelman

Ayla Gray

Ashley Green 

Georgia Green

Blair Habberjam

Wayne Hammond

Greg Harold

Matt Haslet

Fiona Hoban

Jordan Holzworth

Justersen Jepsen

Jason Jenner

Karen Johnstone 

Rochelle Jonathan

Karly Judd 

Lance Judd

Samuel Kean

Lynn Knijnenburg

Malcom Lack

Ashley Layther

Alaina Laurens 

Jasmin Laurens

Zachariah Laurens  

Debbie Lawrence

Karen Lewin 

Thomas Lewin 

Erin Lutz

Michael Lutz

Adrian Lynch 

Carolyn MacDonald 

Robert MacDonald 

Carys Martin

Samual Matthews

Charissa Middleton 

Searne Merchant 

Linda Meredith

Brian McCarthy

Jeremy McEvoy 

Virginia McEvoy 

Kelsey McKenzie 

Brett Mocke

Robert Moore

Alex Moorman

Olivia Murray 

Greg Nankeruis 

Natalie Oakland (Romeo and Grundy)

Christie O'Connell

Ashley Palmer 

Daniel Parham

Henry Parham 

Lisa Parham

Ella Peters

Miriam Peters

Gordon Perlic

Samuel Pitcher

Jenny Phillips

Jeremy Reid

Leena Reynolds 

Karen Roberson 

Viv Rylance

Ash Scott

Helen Shannon

Magnolia Sherwood

Karen Spencer

Graham Smith

Derrick Stuart 

Leslie Tapson

Ben Tafolo

Brandon Tafolo

Ciari Tafolo 

Suzie Tafolo

David Thelander

Kim Thelander

Chris Thirkettle

Jayla Thirkettle

Ty Thirkettle

Shirley Thompson

Tina Tooth

Prudence Upson

Mary Veitch 

Katja Viempe

Danielle Walsh 

Charlie Walters

Leesa Walters

Madeleine Walters

David Williams

Amanda White 

Michelle Worthington

Mitch Yates

Leah Zaki  

Eleesa Zlatic 

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